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Lessons I have learnt

Categorized Under: blog | Uploaded on: 09 - August - 2017

  As I sat behind the counter watching as different women walked in the store. Independent, smart, classy, with a tough a cool, were the four characteristics that raided off the women, who shopped at Haute Baso. Once I received my assignment to design a piece of clothing that would be sold, I decided to go with an off the shoulder former shirt that came in three different fabrics. This way the women would have the freedom of choosing what fabric they felt the most comfortable in. The off shoulder look represented the laid back and relaxed part the women, while the formal shirt style represented their smart and classy side. 

    After the thought process of the design, came the actual production of the shirt. The responsibility of production came along with a new knowledge of the works of business and life in general. I had to translate my idea from paper to the tailor in order for my creation to come out as the way I had imagined it. I learned my way of a businesswoman through bargaining the cost of my shirts with the tailor. As always there is always problems or step backs that come along with production. For me the major step back was the tailor not having my shirts done within the time we had discussed. However, I learned that in business (and life in general) I have to find solutions to any obstacle that come my way.

    Not only did my experience as an intern teach me the way of business, it also helped learn my way around Kigali. My sense of direction improved while living here because Rwandans give directions based on a reference point, not the actual address. For example, somebody giving directions to the Haute Baso store would say, “the store is a minute a way from MTN center. Once you pass MTN, the Haute Baso store should be on your left.” Since this is the Rwandan culture, most people don’t remember the actual address of places, which then makes having a GPS irrelevant. I’m grateful for this experience because my internship helped me find my way to becoming a businesswoman, and it also helped me find my way back home. 

Wriiten by: Carole