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Categorized Under: blog | Uploaded on: 09 - August - 2017

My first big project at Haute Baso was to design a collection that I believed would sale well to Haute Baso's market. This was exciting, and I thought I wouldn't be too hard because it is what I go to school. So I designed everything I thought would look good on an "Haute Baso woman." When I presented my design, the critic I got was that the collection would not look good on every body type. In school when we designed, we design for the "perfect body". 

What I realized was that Haute Baso costumers have real bodies, so therefore I had to design something that would look good on every body type. With that critic in mind, I went designed a shirt that I thought would fit a cool, confident, independent woman (an Haute Baso woman). When I presented my shirt design, it was approved. The next project and challenge was production of the shirt. Being in charge of production thought me a lot about having a fashion business in Rwanda, and it also thought me about life in general. The next couple of blog post I will talk about the lessons I learned from this project in detail.

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